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Joke Jacobs (A.k.A Joke Silva)

Board Member

Joke Jacobs (A.k.A Joke Silva), studied at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and also has a Bachelors degree in English from the University of Lagos. She is a women and children’s rights activist, veteran actress and proprietress of Lufodo Academy for Performing Arts. She is also the Managing Director/Studio Head of Malete Film Village a unit of Kwara State University since January 2013. Joke Silva went from Lufodo Group of companies where she was Managing Director. As Managing Director of the group, she green lighted projects for stage, film, television and radio, one of which was the cultural arm of Nigeria’s entry for the 2012 Olympics in London where Lufodo presented three theatrical plays, a collection of poetry and a Film Festival at the theatre Royal Stratford East a.k.a Nigerian House. She has been acting for over thirty years on the platform of television, film, radio and theatre. She is the UN Goodwill Ambassador against Trafficking in persons TIP, a board member Genesis House, a shelter for trafficked girls, Goodwill Ambassador Freedom Foundation, Vice Chairman Aart of Life Foundation. She is the recipient of several awards. The AWDF has partnered with LAPA to host the African Women in Film Forum.

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