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Education for Development Radio Program

While it is often easy to acknowledge the importance of literacy, it is a sad fact that in spite of establishment of the UN Millennium Development Goals for education over 10.5 million Nigerian children of primary school age don’t go to school. If something drastic is not done, as many as 40% of them will never enter a classroom. It is even more disturbing that in spite of the many problems of insurgencies in various parts of the country, and the high number of young people who daily embark on life threatening attempts to migrate from Nigeria, very little effort is made to connect the dismal state of our educational system to development and the need to restructure the system to equip young Nigerians with basic skill essential to survive in an increasingly technologized world. We believe implicitly in the power of education to transform individuals and societies. We are therefore committed to drawing attention to the need for nation-changing policies that prioritize education at every level from early childhood to university education as an important tool for reframing the country for any form of sustainable development.

Education for Development Radio has been designed to put education on the front burner by focusing on all aspects of promoting education that will serve as a driver for development. It does this by analysing policies on education, interviewing personalities, reporting news and opinion makers who are influential or posses the potential to affect education. The program aims to promote stories and technologies, educational opportunities etc that will benefit all educational subsectors in Nigeria as well as in Africa where relevant.

You can support us through sponsorship of the radio episodes which are also available as podcasts. Please reach us via the mediums below to advertise your products and services.