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We believe that the keys to alleviating poverty are universal education, gender equality, and community building. We also believe that regardless of who they are or what their economic status is, people have the capacity to lead useful lives and write their own future. Three principles guide our work.

All ethnic groups, religions, and social classes deserve the opportunity to receive quality education. Equality Through Education Foundation (ETEF) raises funds to support locally operated programs that educate people of all backgrounds and with a particular focus on those that raise the status of girls and women. We believe that sustainable development is achievable if individuals, communities, and capacity building institutions work together involving local people in the process of development. Educated societies are healthier, more sustainable, and less vulnerable to economic volatility and violence.

We raise funds to provide equal educational opportunities for all children and youths because we believe this will result in a higher rate of return for communities than any other kind of investment that can be made towards development. Equal educational opportunities are the surest ways to achieve basic rights. Providing equal opportunities will enable girls and women to chart their own course in life, participate more fully in governance, leadership, politics, attain their optimum potential and influence their society positively. It is also vital to promoting a robust, shared growth which is needed to end poverty. World Bank data demonstrates that gender equality and economic development are inextricably linked. Studies show that increasing education specifically for girls and women has a direct effect on a nation’s economic development.

All people have the innate capacity to lead themselves and their communities. The individuals most affected are the ones who are most ready to effect change. We will raise funds to support communities in their own self-development efforts that promote empowerment rather than dependency. The students we educate will be taught to support work within their communities in order to establish literacy programs, women’s health projects, parental trainings, cleanliness drives, tree plantations, and many other programs that stimulate harmony and community building in their communities


To provide quality and low cost education for students, especially girls from economically disadvantaged families in order to empower them to lead socially responsible and economically productive lives.


To equip students, especially girls from low income families to succeed in school and chart their own course in life. Our model for primary and secondary will pave the way for eradicating illiteracy and poverty.

We embrace the challenge of educating students from the bottom of the pyramid who are more likely to also be at-risk students.